Words for 2017

Words-17Silence. “With the silent passing of time, Italian society continues to function from day to day, chewing over external inputs, healing its wounds.” This, among other things, appeared in the general consideration of the fiftieth Italian Censis Report. It’s nothing new: functioning (see proceeding), ruminating (see processing) and healing (see repairing) is what we’ve been doing from time immemorial. And More


brumbrum logo 1
Brumbrum is born, a new brand for the used car market and for which we have created the brand identity. According to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, in June 2016, around 165,000 new cars were registered, while used car ownership transfers were 380,000: both figures are up compared More


The ability of a brand to evolve is based on a vision of its future and the power it has to shape its present. For this reason, Coop is renewing its packaging design system and presents new lines like Origine and Amici Speciali. The restyling and design projects are curated by Rossetti Brand Design. More

Polenta Valsugana

Valsugana_allWe like restyling. According to the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), in 2015 more than 21.5 million plastic surgery operations were carried out around the world. Topping the list of countries is the USA, with Italy not far behind in ninth place. The number of operations has also increased compared with the previous year. The figures would appear to suggest that, sooner or later, More


Appert_homeFood preservation is an ancient problem. Over millennia man has used salt, smoke, oil, fire and ice… But it seems that it was Nicolas Appert, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, who discovered the trick: glass jars immersed in boiling water. This eliminates bacteria and the preservation of food becomes the conservation of a species: ours. So, More

An accomplice of taste

Surgiva 04
An oriental take? When we talk about mineral water there are those who use the perfect mountain, those a so-so version, those who just dream and others who don’t even think about it. Surgiva is one of these and on the label has a curvilinear outline that is quite different from a snowy profile. At first sight, it looks like a doodle, but More

If things change

Si_cambia If the environment changes, the container changes. This is clear to anyone who tries to camouflage themself in order to disappear from view, to pretend to be something else – in other words – to change the perception that others have of you. If you are a sole it is a good solution if you’re dealing with someone who would prefer you in his belly. But if


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