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Evocare significati. Quando si parla di graphic design c’è di mezzo l’astrattismo cioè quella cosa che fa scattare associazioni figurative. Ad esempio, un cerchio sembra una palla, un rettangolo assomiglia a una porta, un triangolo è una piramide egizia, e così via. Il gioco si fa più interessante quando More

Diventa Popolare!


È on air la nuova comunicazione radio di Banco Popolare. “Diventa Popolare” è il concept che abbiamo ideato a sostegno delle proposte del Banco a zero costi e zero pensieri. Il claim è cantato sulle note di Pop Muzik di Robin Scott, un brano che ha spopolato negli anni 80. Il remake è a cura di Paolo Monesi. More

Maintenance is not innovation

Restyling (or re-design, designing something again, but in a way that is not so different) is something we do very frequently and it involves the more or less extraordinary maintenance of the brand design, It’s a bit like when you decide to change your sofa, or rearrange the furniture, or repaint the walls: it’s always the same house, but it seems different. Catarì, and Telecom Italia are examples of efficient re-designs. But while maintenance is not the same as innovation, it makes as difference.

Words for 2015

Parole 2015

Tomorrow. “Chissà chissà domani, su che cosa metteremo le mani” (Who knows, who can tell, just what we will be faced with tomorrow) are the words to a song by Lucio Dalla and even after thirty-five years, the doubt remains, just as it was before it became a song. More

Being innovative

There are different levels of intensity to innovation, and it doesn’t mean that same to all people and in all situations. We see this all the time with our clients. In cases where the object of innovation is something that already exists, there are those who prefer the one-step-at-a-time approach, rather that the great-leap-forward. In fact, changing gradually avoids the risk of losing recognisability, while improvements and tweaks are being applied. It makes it easier for the new to be accepted without discarding the old, without introducing a sense of alienation: where innovation merely modifies a habit (which is subsequently replaced by another). Meanwhile in cases of something that is authentically new, we are faced with something that appears as if out of the blue: in this case innovation creates a habit (that will then be replaced by another). The generation of innovative ideas doesn’t require strategies, but attitudes, or better, one in particular: not getting too used to something. Paolo Rossetti

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