Words for 2016

Like or dislike. An on-off that works whether you’re choosing a pair of socks or the man or woman of your life. Banal? Reductive? And yet pleasure is related to our psyche, the satisfaction of our desires, whatever they may be. Moreover, the opposite of pleasure is pain; that which frightens us and avoid like the plague, and for which we would pay any price not to experience. So if disliking something is the avoidance of pain, liking is akin to opening up to contentedness and efficiency. More

Working on brand style

Defining the style of a brand is not simply a question of layout and even less of a coordinated image. Style is a brand’s expressive language and is made up of images, colours, words and sounds, the definition of which requires detailed research, pondered choices and lots of patience.


Bonsai is both a wine and a visionary project. Our design was first conceived three years ago but now we  have produced a video for Bonsai. Or better, a video dedicated to all those who believe in ideas. Eccentric, imaginative ideas, of the kind that give the world an extra bit of beauty Paolo Rossetti More

Ironik is supersonic

Ironik_can_0101 More energy. In short, here on earth our numbers are increasing. Forecasts say that we will go from 7 billion to 9 billion human in the next thirty years and that our demand for energy will increase by 35%. According to the 2014 ExxonMobil Energy Outlook, oil will remain a significant source of energy accounting for more than 30%, followed by natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, water and alternative energy sources with lower percentages. We need energy both because there are more of us, and because we need to change, to reach a level of prosperity that for many still seems far away. More


fantasiste pack_0972 Feminine, a bit feminist. Fantasiste (which means playmaker in English) is a feminine noun, even a little feminist. In its singular form – fantasista, it ends with the letter A, emphasising its feminine nature. It speaks to women but also provokes the kind of men who like try their hand in the kitchen (even Antonio Banderas became a miller …). The name helps to create a mood that is cheerful and playful, casual and light. It is an invitation to jump in, to express your creative talent. More

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