Unpredictable transformation

The most electrifying moment of the creative process is when there is a result. In other words, when, from the fog of intuition, ideas and feelings, a possibility takes shape. Even at times when inspiration doesn’t come and the creative pulse seems flat, it never fails to astonish me. More

Vecchia Romagna Gran Crema


A romantic story. This queen of spirits is not only ‘old’ but also ‘Romagna-born’. Her name tells everything: she was born a lot of times ago and her cradle is in the hills among ancient traditions, hot and intense souls. In this version she is fulfilled of softness and becomes ‘Gran Crema’. In this new visual identity we have covered it with signs of an electric fuchsia color completed with golden ones evoking a feminine and precious world.

| Vecchia Romagna, with over 190 years of history, is so far loyal to its origins thanks to the unmistakable triangular bottle shape and the flavor of its brandy which accomplish to create “intense emotions”.

A story in a smile

Hangzhou, China, a few days ago. A meeting took place between nine Chinese, a German and two Italians in a room without windows. Sounds like the beginning of a joke? No, there is not even a punchline where someone is more cunning than someone else. More

Words for 2014

Wealth. Is there less or is there more? For some we are at the end of a meal which has been eaten in decades of well-being. For others, wealth is like a fish that grows more and more and that moves sinuously in the water: here today, tomorrow heaven knows where. More

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