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The perfect mountain. Many mineral waters evoke their origin on the label by representing the source. Levissima, Lauretana, Norda, Recoaro and many other brands have their own mountain, the area from which the water first sees the light. They are ideal, perfect mountains, that integrate with the brand and become part of it, transforming into elements of identity. More

Become Popular!


The new radio spot for Banco Popolare is now on the air. “Become Popular!” is the concept that we developed to support of the Bank’s “zero cost” and “zero worries” offer. The claim is sung to the tune of Pop Muzik by Robin Scott, a song that was a great hit in the 80s. The remake is produced by Paolo Monesi. More

Maintenance is not innovation

Restyling (or re-design, designing something again, but in a way that is not so different) is something we do very frequently and it involves the more or less extraordinary maintenance of the brand design, It’s a bit like when you decide to change your sofa, or rearrange the furniture, or repaint the walls: it’s always the same house, but it seems different. Catarì, and Telecom Italia are examples of efficient re-designs. But while maintenance is not the same as innovation, it makes as difference.

Words for 2015

Parole 2015

Tomorrow. “Chissà chissà domani, su che cosa metteremo le mani” (Who knows, who can tell, just what we will be faced with tomorrow) are the words to a song by Lucio Dalla and even after thirty-five years, the doubt remains, just as it was before it became a song. More

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