Competitive bids. The desire for a breakthrough

If you are a client, a competition is often a desire for a big shift. In some cases we are invited, in others we participate. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. But it’s not the most effective way. The life of a brand is complex and unique, which is why, before finding good solutions, you need to understand and understand each other and spend a lot of time preparing. What follows are reflections based on our experience, and advice to avoid competitions. More

Words for 2016

Like or dislike. An on-off that works whether you’re choosing a pair of socks or the man or woman of your life. Banal? Reductive? And yet pleasure is related to our psyche, the satisfaction of our desires, whatever they may be. Moreover, the opposite of pleasure is pain; that which frightens us and avoid like the plague, and for which we would pay any price not to experience. So if disliking something is the avoidance of pain, liking is akin to opening up to contentedness and efficiency. More

Working on brand style

Defining the style of a brand is not simply a question of layout and even less of a coordinated image. Style is a brand’s expressive language and is made up of images, colours, words and sounds, the definition of which requires detailed research, pondered choices and lots of patience.

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