Ironik is supersonic

Ironik_can_0101 More energy. In short, here on earth our numbers are increasing. Forecasts say that we will go from 7 billion to 9 billion human in the next thirty years and that our demand for energy will increase by 35%. According to the 2014 ExxonMobil Energy Outlook, oil will remain a significant source of energy accounting for more than 30%, followed by natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, water and alternative energy sources with lower percentages. We need energy both because there are more of us, and because we need to change, to reach a level of prosperity that for many still seems far away. More


fantasiste pack_0972 Feminine, a bit feminist. Fantasiste (which means playmaker in English) is a feminine noun, even a little feminist. In its singular form – fantasista, it ends with the letter A, emphasising its feminine nature. It speaks to women but also provokes the kind of men who like try their hand in the kitchen (even Antonio Banderas became a miller …). The name helps to create a mood that is cheerful and playful, casual and light. It is an invitation to jump in, to express your creative talent. More

Born from a number

prima Structure, Beauty, Usefulness. There are 3 parameters that determine a (good) brand. The first is structure, the set of geometric elements, solid and empty, of curves and straight lines, the colours, in other words, everything that is needed to define the general composition. The second is beauty. While structure is made of different building blocks, beauty is the result of the construction. If the structure works we perceive harmony, rhythm, synthesis and pleasure, a sort of “fullness of taste” to use a wine tasting term. The third is usefulness, the ability of the brand to evoke meanings beyond its graphical representation. Usefulness, too, is a result of the structure and benefits from the effects of beauty. More

Chiarella. Clear and simple


The perfect mountain. Many mineral waters evoke their origin on the label by representing the source. Levissima, Lauretana, Norda, Recoaro and many other brands have their own mountain, the area from which the water first sees the light. They are ideal, perfect mountains, that integrate with the brand and become part of it, transforming into elements of identity. More

Become Popular!


The new radio spot for Banco Popolare is now on the air. “Become Popular!” is the concept that we developed to support of the Bank’s “zero cost” and “zero worries” offer. The claim is sung to the tune of Pop Muzik by Robin Scott, a song that was a great hit in the 80s. The remake is produced by Paolo Monesi. More

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