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“Designing corporate identity systems that reflect the identity of a group through its brands. Managing the design complexity of a wide-ranging commercial offer that includes different sectors and diverse modes of expression, while also following evolution over time.” – Rossetti Brand Design


Establishing identity systems. Since 2010 we have designed and redesigned for Selex identity systems for a number of the group’s brands. The projects are most clearly seen in the packaging design of the basic offer, Natura Chiama, Vivi Bene, Primi Anni, Saper di Sapori, Ego.

For each of these brands we conceived the name and oversaw the design. For other brands, for example, Vale, we carried out a complete restyling to include the brand extensions Stare Insieme Vale for animals, Stare Bene Vale for wellbeing, La Natura Vale for biological products and Val’Or for the upscale product range.

In addition, we reconfigured the expressive elements of Amico Mio, Happy Dì, and 100% Vegetale, a range of food for vegans. Those you can see are examples of systems, or rather, a homogenous combination of solutions based on a specific design aimed at ensuring that a range of products are recognisable.

| Selex Gruppo Commerciale is Italy’s third biggest large-scale retail group with more than 3,000 supermarkets and affiliated outlets. |

What we did for this brand

Packaging design and redesign
Graphic design and redesign
Technical supervision


2012 | Brand Identity GrandPrix 2012,
Selex GC, 1° Premio Packaging Private Label​​

Selex packaging design
Selex saper di sapori packaging design
Selex ego packaging
Vale base packaging
La Natura Vale packaging
Star Bene Vale packaging
ValOr pack 003
Vale stare insieme packaging