“Developing a visual identity for the brand Prima, the online insurance agency, with an essential design and a distinctive colour while integrating the number and the word.” – Rossetti Brand Design


A word from a number. It’s not unusual to encounter a brand with a logo that uses a representative symbol. In fact, there are endless examples. But it is a solution with a tried and tested logic: a word expresses a meaning while the sign evokes it and refers back to another. Plus, when there is one, the other might not be necessary, an approach that can vary according to the context and serving to amplify the visual identity and make it three-dimensional.

In the case of Prima.it, rather than adding, we brought together the first letter of the name with the number one. The meaning of the word is closely connected to the number; indeed, it is born from the number.

| Prima Assicurazioni is an online insurance agency that aims to simplify the world of vehicle insurance. |

What we did for this brand

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