Polenta Valsugana pack cover

“Taking on the challenge of regenerating the constituent elements of the identity of the Valsugana brand including the logo and packaging design in a more extensive framework that presents the brand as a leading player in contemporary cooking.” - Rossetti Brand Design

Polenta Valsugana

A contemporary dinner table.The packaging design project for Polenta Valsugana is a significant restyling operation. Every square centimetre was examined and redesigned with the aim of giving the brand new appeal and stimulate the desire of consumers to try a dish dear to the hearts of so many Italian grandparents.
Our design project is based on a broader view in which Polenta Valsugana is seen as a protagonist of a contemporary dinner table and creative cooking.

| Polenta Valsugana is a brand of the Bonomelli Group |

What we did for this brand

Brand identity redesign
Packaging redesign
New references design extension

Polenta Valsugana before after
Polenta Valsugana packaging design
Polenta Valsugana Corvino packaging cover