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Super Green Taste

The market for vegetarian meat alternatives has undergone a major innovation: the concept of ‘nutritional alternative to meat’ has been joined by that of ‘meat replacement’, through products that aim to reproduce the taste, visual appearance and texture of meat in order to satisfy the palate of an increasingly attentive consumer base.

Valsoia, a pioneer and leader in the vegetable products market, could not fail to grasp this new market trend and commissioned us at Rossetti Brand Design to develop an ad hoc line to interpret it.

Thus was born the ‘Super Irresistible’ brand, with an ‘exaggerated’ naming and an ‘imposing’ logo design to reveal Valsoia’s tastier soul.

The development in packaging design sees an explicit reference to classic preparations with a great focus on appetising and abundant product but in a deep green atmosphere, an equally explicit allusion to the vegetable world to which Valsoia belongs.

What we did for this brand

Packaging design

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