Coop yogurt cover

“Designing the visual identity outline for specific offers by the Coop brand starting with the name and including all of the expressive elements of the packaging, while interpreting the spirit and significance of each product.” - Rossetti Brand Design

Coop Italia

Master design. We created the main visual identity outline for some of the Coop brands that define the specific areas of the offer. We did this by establishing a master packaging design system for Origini (controlled sourcing), Amici Speciali (pet food), Io (personal care), and Casa Coop (products for the home). As is often the case, the development of the master design is limited to the development of certain products.

| Coop Italia has been in business for over 150 years and is Italy’s largest cooperative retail chain. |

What we did for this brand

Naming (Origine, Io)
Brand identity design
Master packaging design system (Origine, Io)

Coop casa immagine master
Coop amici speciali
Coop frollini
Coop pasta
Coop io packaging