Brumbrum cover

“Defining the new visual identity of the Brumbrum brand using a distinctive logo able to play a leading role in the digital channel in which the brand operates.” – Rossetti Brand Design


Rising numbers. There were around 2 million new car registrations in Italy in 2018. And despite dreams of a life without so many cars the facts tell a different story. New or second-hand, white or black, small or large, ecological or not, our love affair with cars endures.

Carefree simplicity. Brumbrum is a brand that offers a response to the needs of those who want to buy and sell second-hand cars online. And we have designed a visual identity for the brand by giving form to a name that is first and foremost actually a sound and a memory from childhood. The design was conceived for a digital context: a combination of carefree simplicity. After all, buying or selling a car online, shouldn’t be an effort.

brumbrum is a direct online car dealer. With brumbrum you find, finance, buy or rent your new car entirely online, from the comfort of home. |

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