Pizza Catarì

Everything as it was, more or less. The redesign project for Pizza Catarì is a classic. The renewal of the packaging design affected most of the elements involved. Each single part was disassembled and reassembled to achieve the final effect of “everything has changed, nothing has changed”. Why? You may well ask. The answer lies in the relationship that exists between perception and use, and vice versa, a story that has been with us since the beginning of time.
A little magic. The main characteristic of redesign concerns image. We conceived of a single image that would bring together all the elements of the narrative: a table on which the pizza and its ingredients are prepared. And this image runs along the edge of each box (i.e. the end of the image corresponds to its beginning) while at the same time leaving each side autonomous and independent. A little bit of magic: the same image is revealed by placing four boxes next to each other (watch the video).
| Catarì In Italian homes since the ’50s, it is the quintessential ‘pizza mix’ and has a place in popular imagination that is intimately linked to the idea of what’s good, simple and tasty. A package that contains all the necessary ingredients to make a real traditional Mediterranean pizza quickly and naturally. |

What we did for this brand
Identity redesign
Packaging redesign

Design Team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Stefania Bacchini
Packaging designer Carlo Bonfanti
Graphic designer Carlo Bonfanti
Still life photographer Luca Colombo – Studio XL
3D Specialist Marco Gottardo
Video maker Luca Uliana

August 2013