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E.T. The exhibition 1982-2022

Forty restored exhibits, original plans and drawings recount the fascination of the archaeology of modern cinema. We were part of a working group that returned to the public an unpublished E.T., that of his creation, born from the pencil of Carlo Rambaldi. In the exhibition, for which we designed the communication, E.T. comes back to life through models, casts, resins, mechanisms and electric cables to tell us about the beauty of fragility.


Evolving the visual identity

The visual identity of Cineteca Milano was rethought to correct its perception: from an institutional brand to a brand for the public. With this in mind, we chose a design that could be clear, decisive, simple and modular. We have favoured the geometric shapes already present in the previous symbol: the circle and the triangle. These forms are now incorporated into the visual identity as part of it.


In the hand of King Kong

Drawings, photographs, paintings, notes is what animates the exhibition dedicated to the 1976 creature conceived by Carlo Rambaldi. The highlight of the exhibition is the original 6-metre-long hand, which is considered to be a historical film artefact of great value. To celebrate this immortal giant, we designed the communication elements.

What we did for this brand

Brand identity design
Interior design
Outdoor posters

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