An oriental take? When we talk about mineral water there are those who use the perfect mountain, those a so-so version, those who just dream and others who don’t even think about it. Surgiva is one of these and on the label has a curvilinear outline that is quite different from a snowy profile. At first sight, it looks like a doodle, but without the characteristics of a meaningless scribble made for its own sake. On the contrary, there is a precise intention in the outline that a closer look will reveal a somewhat oriental feel; a graphical synthesis of a waterfall.

3 movements. The redesign project for Surgiva was based on the need to rejuvenate the brand’s identity and our “lifting” operation focused on three stages. First, we wanted to maintain the basic outline while reinforcing the aquatic effect. Second, we wanted to re-configure the logo with a more harmonious design. Third, we moved from the baroque-styled symmetrical label to a new form, characterised by a clear and oblique cut on the upper section, a change that reveals its stylistic extravagance when the label is attached to the neck of the bottle.

| Surgiva Synonymous with Italian style, Surgiva is a quality mineral water that is appreciated by chefs around the world and is distributed to around 30 countries around the globe. |

What we did for this brand
Label redesign
Logo redesign
Brand identity redesign
Identity Brand book
Institutional brochures
Technical adv
Outdoor big size posters


Design Team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Daniela Ravera
Packaging designer Luca Uliana
Graphic designers Luca Uliana, Alessandro Fontana, Paolo Rossetti
Still life photographer Luca Colombo – Studio XL
Photoreporter Luca Uliana
3D Specialist Marco Gottardo, Luca Uliana


More projects
Pizza Catarì



September 2016

Surgiva before after Surgiva bottle Surgiva_location_03 Surgiva_location_01