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“Developing packaging design dedicate for the protection of Frio brand foodstuffs by integrating the specific characteristics with an idea of playfulness”. – Rossetti Brand Design


It’s true, packaging needs to “stand out on the shelf”, be highly visible and distinguishable from the competition. But it is also true that once purchased, products (or better, brands) end up in the home and become domestic objects. And our homes are not like supermarkets: this takes on special important in design as it guides creative choices.

To develop the packaging for Frio, we considered what kinds of food can be protected and the list is different for each of us, for every home. This was what led to a gallery of foods, as symbols, that decorate the sides of the packages providing a playful effect and giving the idea that function and enjoyment can go together.


| Frio is a brand that is present in Italian and other European markets with baking foil rolls and aluminium containers, freezer bags, cling film and greaseproof paper. |

What we did for this brand

Packaging design
Brand identity restyle

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