Fragranteria brand design

“Redesigning the packaging for the Fragranteria brand to establish a recognisable and consistent system based around a simple design that interprets the idea of a classic and contemporary home.” - Rossetti Brand Design


From function to style. The redesign for Fragranteria is a significant leap from the original version, so strong as to make you wonder whether it is a redesign at all. We redesigned the logo, developed a totally different packaging design system, created new identity features, and established new geometries and hierarchies. The end result is very different from where we started because the prior assumption of the changes was based on an idea: from environmental fragrances to olfactory furniture, in other words, from a simple function to a sensory integration with the house and, more precisely, with its style. This led to two proposals. One for the contemporary home, with a dark soul, and the other for the classic home, with a lighter soul. And, yes, the result is different, but, thank goodness, it is the consequence of an idea.

Tigotà is a brand that offers personal hygiene and beauty solutions, a wide range of perfumes and make-up, but also specific formulas for cleaning the home. |

What we did for this brand

Brand dentity redesign
Packaging redesign

Fragranteria prima dopo
Fragranteria packaging 001
Fragranteria mood board 001
Fragranteria Mood 002
Fragranteria packaging 003
Fragranteria packaging essenze
Fragranteria packaging oli