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“Redesigning the visual identity of Cineteca Milano - the brand of the Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, which aims to spread the culture of the cinema - with a symbol that develops the previous version with a focus on synthesis and visibility.” – Rossetti Brand Design

Cineteca Milano

A child of its time. Every symbol is a child of its time, and a reflection of a way of seeing and interpreting the world in a given period. It’s easy to understand: the more time passes; the more perceptions change. Or rather, time passes, symbols age, perceptions become opaque. For example, symbols from before the age of social media are at a real disadvantage because they were conceived with a logic of another time. Consequently, it’s right to intervene.

Evolving identity. The visual identity of Cineteca Milano has been reconfigured to adjust perceptions: from an institutional brand to a brand for the public. In this sense, we opted for a design that would be clear, decisive, simple and versatile. We kept the geometric forms of the previous version: the circle and triangle; forms that have been incorporated into the new logo.

| Cineteca Milano Since 1947, when it was founded in Milan, Cineteca Milano has uninterruptedly engaged in the conservation, restoration and enhancement of cinematic heritage and the spread of the culture of the cinema, both in Italy and abroad. |

Wha we did for this brand

Brand identity redesign
Brand architecture
Interior design

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