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“Redesigning the identity system of the Chiarella brand with a view to updating the distinctive elements of the label design.” - Rossetti Brand Design

Like its name

The perfect mountain. Many mineral waters evoke their origin on the label by representing the source. Levissima, Lauretana, Norda, Recoaro and many other brands have their own mountain, the area from which the water first sees the light. They are ideal, perfect mountains, that integrate with the brand and become part of it, transforming into elements of identity. The mechanism works like this: a mountain with harmonious contours, covered in snow, towers into the wow blue sky: this give to the brand an idea of ​​purity and freshness. The brand therefore, has to remain attached to that image, the representation of its genesis.

Point of view. Chiarella also comes from a mountain, but what is on the label is Lake Como – seen from Plesio – with Bellagio in the centre and the Lecco branch on the horizon to the left. This is the view from the bottling plant. And the mountain? You can’t see it because it is behind the observation point. Since 1965 this representation has appeared on the labels of Chiarella and this says that point of view is identity. Our label redesign project has authenticated this point of view with an even wider and spectacular panorama. And, in order to achieve a clear and simple result, all the other graphic elements are complementary to that choice.

| The source of Chiarella mineral water is Mount Grona, which overlooks Lake Como. The production plant opened fifty years ago was hailed by newspapers of the time as “the most panoramic plant in Europe for the bottling of mineral water.” |

What we did for this brand

Brand identity redesign
Label restyling

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