Clouds, Speed, Audience, Special, Vision and Style. These are our words for 2020. – Rossetti Brand Design

Words for 2020

Clouds. Hydrometeors of water vapour and ice influence the Sun-Earth energy balance, originate rainfall and are classified in 4 basic types. On the app icon, the stylised design is that of a cumulus cloud. Cloud level of is measured in okta: zero when the sky is cloudless, nine when you can’t see the sky. An inspiration for artists and designers, always part of breath-taking sunsets, and the business of umbrella-makers, clouds have also given their name to a technology that we use everyday: the “cloud”, which in terms of appearance shares only its name with what we see in the sky above and is essentially a marketing idea. This is the cloud without sky into which we put information, in this sense it is a space: we may not know where it is, but who cares? What matters is the data and speed.

Speed. At the end of the 40s Chuck Jones created Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner as the protagonists of a successful cartoon series. The concept was straightforward: Wile E, chases after the Road Runner in order to eat him, but never manage to catch him because the road Runner runs like a rocket. Wile E. also ends up the victim of the malfunctioning contraptions he uses to try to catch his prey. Though unlucky, Wile E. is a sympathetic character because he reminds us of all those who try to achieve difficult objectives. For once, in the Suop or Sonic, the coyote manages to catch Road Runner who in the episode has become enormous. Embarrassed, Wile E. holds up a sign on which is written. “OK, wise guys. You always wanted me to catch him. Now what do I do?” The picture confirms that Wile E. has self-awareness, is identified in a role and knows he has an audience.

Audience. Brands are born in response to a need. Let’s take, for example, the need to reduce wrinkles. This need gave birth to Nomore, a company dedicated to this end. Thanks to the skill of the founders, Nomore promises to resolve such imperfections. The result is the fruit of unique intuitions to which the company invests in research. In this way Nomore develops ever greater skills: the solution is a successful serum. The customer who buy it build the reputation of Nomore and turn it into a brand, a brand with value. Those who choose this serum are not just choosing a product, but also the value of that particular brand. A value that is part of the formula and, consequently, makes the experience so special.

Special. The towering figure of Antonio Canova strode across the European artistic scene of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. A sculptor of unique talent, the father of neo-Classicism dedicated maniacal care to the transformation of blocks of marble into timeless masterpieces.
– “One day he was working on the foot of a dancing Nymph, and not content, kept working on it. Why do you work so hard on such minute things, a friend asked? (…) Diligence, he replied, is what commends (hands down) our work (…) Among the things that have so often been ordinarily overlooked in art are the nails on human extremities, (…) and it was with great wisdom the ancients said: perfect to the nails: to deem a work complete.” (Archivj) – So, also for detail, the master had a certain vision.

Vision. It requires imagination, madness and courage to have a vision capable of making the future. Imagination is necessary to invent another idea of reality, madness to believe in something that, at the beginning, is not there, and courage is not stopping halfway or before such a future has become a new possibility. Vision is a destination, a brand is a means of getting there, a way of traveling, a style.

Style. Free is the one in swimming competitions. But swimmer must observe certain rules: during a race, not to use the same style already used in a previous swim; to make a turn, simply touch the edge with any part of the body; when swimming, a part of the body must always emerge; and finally, not to touch the bottom of the pool with the feet. For those who are not freestyle swimmers, it’s enough to remember that everyone – consciously or not – has a style without necessarily being a stylist or a brand. But what for? To define an identity, be recognisable and, in some cases, to become an object of desire.