Telcom Italia logo

We redesigned the logo of Telecom Italia and, as happens with such projects, also ours was overtaken by a new version: restyling necesse est. – Rossetti Brand Design

When the day comes

And then the day comes when a trademark, a sign, something you have created, designed and built is consigned to the attic. It no longer works and is replaced by something else, created by others. Let’s face it, for those who do this kind of work, it is not a good time.

“I have never met a designer able to maintain a cold distance from what he has created, because design involves passion, feeling, something of yourself. Each project reflects its creator, and, inevitably, each creator identifies with his creation” says Paolo Rossetti. So, when that day comes, it’s not just the work that ends up in the attic, somehow it is also its creator. Take the case of American Airlines new brand identity.

We have also come to this in Telecom’s case: what you see above is our 2003 identity version later than 1994’s Landor. The new 2016 logo is from Interbrand.