Viviverde Coop logo cover

“Reimagining the packaging design for the Viviverde brand to communicate its increased specialisation in natural products and confirming its vocation, based on biological agricultural ingredients.” - Rossetti Brand Design


The outside follows. Also Viviverde, the Coop brand designed with particular attention to the environmental impact, has changed its offer in the area of facial and body care. The change is the result of new standards, active principles and content efficacy. In this way, by modifying the inside, the outside follows. The images show our restyling project which involves a packaging design system quite different to the previous version, a significant adaptation in the biological segment in which Viviverde is positioned.

| With over 150 years of history, Coop Italia is Italy’s biggest cooperative retail chain for the sale of fast moving consumer goods. |

What we did for this brand

Packaging restyling

Viviverde before after
Coop Viviverde packaging
Viviverde Coop package 002
Viviverde Coop package 003