Tenuta Venterra Olio packaging

“Developing an identity system able to render the overall image of the Venterra brand consistent and upscale, starting from the name and including the packaging design and communication tools.” - Rossetti Brand Design

Tenuta Venterra

Four elements. Both the name and the logo underline the close link with the land: –ven– evoking the typical wind that ventilates the region while –terra– points to the fertile soil in which the olive trees are deeply rooted. The graphic symbol, meanwhile, uses four strokes to suggest the sun’s rays, the warm Ionian wind, the rolling hills and the waves of the sea.

| Tenuta Venterra. A family run business based in the extreme south of Puglia, Italy’s largest olive growing region, where the fertile soil and climate of the coast and hinterland of Salento are perfect for the production of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. |

What we did for this brand

Brand identity design
Packaging design system



2016 | Bellavita London Awards, Tenuta Venterra, best packaging design and 3 stars Bellavita
2013 | Anuga Awards, Tenuta Venterra, best packaging international product
2013 | BioPack XVIII edition, Tenuta Venterra, second place ex aequo best packaging design
2012 | Brand Identity GrandPrix, Tenuta Venterra, 1st prize packaging food design category

Tenuta ventura packaging 001
Tenuta Venterra Olio aromatizzato cover
Tenuta Venterra latta packaging