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“Designing a visual identity for Rapallo, the town in the middle of the Gulf of Tigullio on the Italian Riviera, to promote tourism and cultural activities. Creating a meaningful symbol that reflects the spirit of Rapallo and establish a new relationship with the public.” – Rossetti Brand Design

Hello Rapallo

Place-brands.Like all places, towns and cities have their own special characteristics. Rome is different from Milan, just as Paris is different from London, New York from Sydney and so on. And it is not simply a question of geography. Every place expresses and way of being that is unique, comprising history, relationships with the world and specific values. Talking about a place or a brand, is the same thing, every place is a brand. Just as commercial brands have to adopt attraction strategies, so place-brands must do the same.

Fluctuating. For Rapallo we added the prefix Hello – an informal greeting – to the town’s name. The Hello Rapallo logo is in the form of a wave, underlining the connection to the sea that the town overlooks. The range of colours selected are a chromatically warm coupling of orange and cyclamen – and blue, to evoke the colour of the sea and the sky. The logo is completed with a definition for which the town is known: Perla del Tigullio, the Pearl of Tigullio.

| Located in the middle of the Gulf of Tigullio, Rapallo owes its enviable position to the emergence of tourism in the second half of the nineteenth century and its popularity as a desirable destination has continued to the present day. Rapallo has a rich store of memories from the past and a wealth of interesting places to visit.  |

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