Words for 2019

Words. Apparently there are some 6,000/7,000 languages on the planet that offer an impressive opportunity to tell our stories in all sorts of ways. In the first place there is Chinese, spoken by more than a billion people. Then there is Spanish, English and Arabic, and on down until Italian, in twenty-first place with less than sixty million speakers. As happens with some animals and plants, there are languages ​​that are dying out while others are make “linguistic loans”, thereby creating new variants to replace those that are lost by the way and perhaps even to create others. 
Italian has about 
250,000 words but in everyday life we don’t, of course ​​need them all: scholars calculate a little more than 2,000 words, go to make up our essential vocabulary and are sufficient to deal with everyday needs like buying bread or describing more or less what we feel when, for example, we whisper I love you. We do not all use this handful of words in the same way: our choice of words is influenced by what has happened and what is happening to us, in short, by how we are. So we use those words that represent our experience, all the others are superfluous, because they do not describe a knowledge that is part of us. Consequently, we develop our own personal, alas partial, language, to make our uniqueness our story.
Storytelling. “In creating a company story, or in personal storytelling, the correct use of words is fundamental to the success of the story. We have to choose them with care and precision and take advantage of the vast range of possibilities that a language offers, embellishing with synonyms, limiting and specifying them until we achieve the desired result.” (At leas that’s what they say here).
Being able to tell the story of a brand is very important, especially when the brand is special. But there are brands that have little or nothing to say, that are not made to be the protagonists of an intriguing or satisfying story. Take the example of TopKiller, a company that specializes in poisoned sponges to eliminate rodents. The product contains a latest generation principle, which, thanks to a high level of palatability, attracts rodents. By chewing the tasty bait the animals absorb the pesticide and die quickly. It’s quite something to choose carefully the words, shave them, find and synonyms to get to the result “I want TopKiller, nothing is quite as good!” The art of storytelling is always fundamental, but if what you’re dealing with is something fascinating it is even more so: yes, we are talking about content.


ContentSome aspiring future brands turn out to have a content-storytelling relationship that is inversely proportional: the less they have to say the greater the desire to talk about that nothing. For those who have the ambition to become a brand it is necessary to take a close and honest look at your conscience, before doing anything, before investing, before opening a page on Facebook. More than anything, it is essential to have something to tell, otherwise it is better to forget about it or to change the game.

Games. Playing cards is a pastime that comes from the Far East and has uncertain origins. Cards arrived in Europe a few centuries ago and then came also to Italy. The design of its symbols is ancient and allude to simple and direct meanings: sticks and swords to fight with, cups to celebrate the winners and gold to buy what is necessary, and repeat from the top. The meanings are a personal interpretation, a fantasy suggested by the real world.


Real. While a fact is by definition true, its narrative can generate different interpretations and lead to different conclusions. In other words, a fact is one thing but its speculation is diverse. The phenomenon determines polarity, or people with opposing opinions participating in parties, teams, factions, groups that discuss and debate in order to establish pros and cons, rights and wrongs. It is a dance that can even last for centuries with two not inconsiderable outcomes. The first is to confuse (and be confused), the second is to lose a free and confident abandonment to the rhythm of light-hearted existence.

Light-heartedness. You can be light-hearted because you are frivolous or because you have attained a certain interior I-do-not-know-what. In this case, you enjoy an enviable condition that allows you to live with a light, and imperturbable heart, however story it is outside. It is a state of grace that remains, even after the storm has passed, when a new beginning is revealed, a beginning that will be told with other words.

Paolo Rossetti
2019. Good walk – Video concept Luca Uliana, Paolo Rossetti
Music Marco Rossetti, Barely possible


January 2019