The sound inspired the shape. In designign the Wind Logo we were fortunate in having W as the initial letter, the pronunciation of which suggest the wind. But the intuition was that of transforming the W – a letter with sharp edges – into a relaxed and sinuous symbol, in keeping with the sound that it evokes, almost as if one were embracing the sky.
An intelligent letter. The second piece of luck was having an i immediately after. Had it been another vowel things would have been different. The letter i, destined to be anthropomorphic, allowed the subsequent intuition of giving it a pair of arms.
A happy encounter. The third stroke of luck was the arms – obtained by re-designing the W (figure B) – that magically harmonise with the head, the dot of the i, and the rest of the outline. So, luck for sure, but also the delicate work of the chisel.
A united couple. Two complementary colours were selected for this brand: Sicilian orange, a warm, sunny and extrovert colour that represents creativity; and digital ocean blue, a cold, electric, restless colour that suggests technology.
Wind Telecomunicazioni is Italy’s third mobile phone operator and offers integrated fixed line, mobile and internet services |

Design Team
Designer Paolo Rossetti
Naming Annamaria Testa
Video specialist Marco Gottardo

June 1998