Brand Life

“…We are specialists and the lab is our habitat. It’s here that we do experiments not so much to define effective standard recipes as to generate the most specific meaning-enriched results, useful for brands and their consumers. We combine pictures, words, shapes and signs by trying new alchemists every day thanks to a certain skill. The latter has reached a quality that we believe is significant, which finds in ourselves the first demanding critics and therefore sees us unlikely to give up.
We know that behind brand strategies there are humans who chase dreams, make bets, set up businesses: they sanction the glory or the oblivion of the brands. But above all, they make such a personal vision to such a degree that it would justify the use of a single word, that is, style, a way of being that defines a uniqueness in the firmament of those who propose goods or services, and more than ever when they are similar or almost identical.
So before the maximum systems, data or trends, the reflections you find in this edition are on us humans that we act as brands (and vice versa) from the primary need to call us somehow, to define an identity at least exterior, and to make some retouch when the years advance…” From Vita da Brand.

Author Paolo Rossetti
Photographer Luca Uliana and photographic repertoire

November 2016