Valor pasta


Value in one word. When you have a valuable name, things seem to have their own splendour. In one short word, value expresses even more than what it states. With a word like this that becomes a brand means happy days in terms of communication, you just have to make the most of them.
A brand that glitters. In 2016, Vale developed a new segment: a selection of high-quality products that marketing experts define as premium. Are we going to use the same description? No. So, the challenge was to find another word and a and a new visual identity for the specialities.
Full of value. Our approach was to try to reinforce a word that already glitters. And this led to Val’Or. Thanks to a well-placed apostrophe, Vale becomes a valley of gold, a place full of value.
| Vale is the brand of Selex GC, Italy’s third largest large-scale retail operator, with more than 3,000 supermarkets and affiliated outlets. |

What we did for this brand
Visual identity design
Packaging design
Supervisione tecnica della produzione


Design team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Davide Rossetti, Luca Adorini
Naming Loopo Sirattes
Head of design Romina Referré
3D specialist Marco Gottardo
Quality supervisor Davide Rossetti, Samantha Maffei



April 2018

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