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Three identities. At the end of 2010 Gruppo Commerciale Selex took steps to reposition its products for children, well-being and its biological range. It was, in fact, a way of making the offer clearer and more identifiable by authentic segmentation. Consequently, we worked on defining three new identities: names and packaging design.
Many advantages, one big difference. The result was Primi anni, Vivi Bene and Natura chiama; new brands that use simple, widely used words that determine a time – the first years of life, exhorting people to live a much-desired condition – that of living well, with an invitation to make natural choices, particularly regarding good nutrition. Naming has a central role and is the real boost of this project: evoking meaning well before graphic representations and incorporating great opportunities to develop communication.
Poetry and geometry. The three brands have a simple packaging design. A formal solution was defined that is made up of specific chromatic pairs for each segment, while the images that represent the content are framed with a 6-degree inclination to create a recognisable element in all the products and lines. A little poetry and a good dose of geometry, in short, three new identities.
The story continues. This wave of renewal has also led to Saper di Sapori – a selection of quality Italian products and the process of specialising the Selex offer continues with Amico Mio (a range of products for pets), Casa Bella (products for the home ), as well as Ego, a line of personal care products, up to the recently-launched 100% Vegetale, an assortment of foods for vegans.
Selex Gruppo Commerciale is Italy’s third largest retail operator with over 3,000 supermarkets and affiliated outlets across the country.|

What we did for this brand and still doing
Packaging design e redesign
Graphic design e redesign
Technical supervision


Design team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Davide Rossetti, Federica Perotta, Lisa Gangi, Luca Adorini
Head of design Luca Uliana
Designer Luca Uliana, Carlo Bonfanti, Romina Referré, Alessandro Fontana
3D specialist Marco Gottardo
Quality supervisor Davide Rossetti, Samantha Maffei

November 2010