Becoming an object of desire

All of us adopt strategies to make ourselves attractive in our own context and consequently, to be desirable. This is not just a whim: desire is the engine that drives existence and therefore it is deadly serious.

Desirability is also common in plants and animals. For a flower, for example, the strategy required to attract insects for fertilization is to be coloured and perfumed in line with the environment and tastes of flying visitors. This is how to be irresistible and achieve the goal of not dying out.


Animals, on the other hand, in addition to appearance, need an “attraction package” that includes sounds and smells that can magnetize the right partner. And of course, physical performance is not secondary. A female deer, for instance, will be attracted by a male who has fought off another suitor: it will always be better to produce offspring with a winner (and not die out).


For us humans, the strategies we adopt to make ourselves desirable are broadly similar to those of plants and beasts, with the addition of awareness. Awareness leads us to take action that exploit the strengths we know we have, and that others will recognise.


For brands, the strategies required to become an object of desire are the same as those of living beings. Here are four of them:


Skills. Innate or acquired, skills are qualities that make the difference, sometimes enormous. They are the talents on which we base our capacity to be who we are and to do what we do: if they are unique, we become irresistible and, consequently, desirable.


Ideals. We are attracted by ideals because they have the power to create or change an idea, to make us behave in one way or another, to follow a certain path, even if it’s difficult. An ideal ignites the desire to create a different world, one that is even more beautiful than the real one. If you are the champion of an ideal you may be able to count on many followers and it is possible that you may even be as revered as the gods.


Strength. In the sense of an ability to realise dreams and ideas. Great creators are like sculptors: they perceive the spirit in the material and then make it concrete. If you are in the category of those who have strength, determination and the means to do things, this will ensure that you are desirable.


Beauty. We are naturally attracted by beauty because it triggers pleasant sensations, which in a flash become emotions, which in an instant ignite desire. If you posses beauty, interior or exterior (better both), you are well on the way to becoming an object of desire.


Among the things we do not do, is to tell you what you should or should not do for your brand. We limit ourselves to working on the language of the brand, that is its external expression. And we can help you in this by developing specific projects to make your brand desirable. Call us.


May 2017