Polenta Valsugana

We like restyling. According to the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), in 2015 more than 21.5 million plastic surgery operations were carried out around the world. Topping the list of countries is the USA, with Italy not far behind in ninth place. The number of operations has also increased compared with the previous year. The figures would appear to suggest that, sooner or later, some re-touching is required. In other words, we like restyling. Brands, too, like re-touches. But the reasons are not the same as those that make people puff out their faces with implants or suck out excessive fat, but the moral is the same: how to remain attractive and face down the inevitable decline or adjust a production defect.
A contemporary dinner table.The packaging design project for Polenta Valsugana is a significant restyling operation. Every square centimetre was examined and redesigned with the aim of giving the brand new appeal and stimulate the desire of consumers to try a dish dear to the hearts of so many Italian grandparents.
Our design project is based on a broader view in which Polenta Valsugana is seen as a protagonist of a contemporary dinner table and creative cooking.
| Polenta Valsugana is a brand of the Bonomelli Group |

What we did for this brand
Identity redesign
Packaging redesign
New references design extension


Design team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Federica Perotta, Davide Rossetti
Packaging designers Carlo Bonfanti, Luca Uliana
Graphic designer Alessandro Fontana
Still life photographer Luca Uliana
Food styling supervisor Davide Rossetti
3D specialist Marco Gottardo

October 2016