Podere Le Ripi

For Podere Le Ripi we have designed Canna Torta, Cielo d’Ulisse, Amore&Magia and Lupi&Sirene labels. The projects are based on concepts written by Francesco Illy who is also the author of the names and owner of the farm.
Canna Torta. Canna Torta should actually be canna storta, which means twisted. In this case, the barrel is that of the gun of Duilio the hunter and his (vain) efforts caused by the presumed defect of his weapon. At least that’s the story, told by friends even to well-meaning detractors, but good news for the missed targets. Real life or tavern tales? As often happens, the line between dreams and reality is both thin and mysterious. The result is that Duilio ended up on the Canna Torta label. We thought about a vegetable theatre starring Simona Mulazzani who occupies the top of the T-shaped label. Three deers, laughing and dancing, sure that he only has blanks. Duilio tries again, and a wolf, hiding in the undergrowth, smiles; it’s a beautiful day.
Cielo d’Ulisse. “Before the invention of the compass and the sextant it was the sky, the night sky, that guided sailors. Ulysses was a sailor who got lost and who, thank heavens (who else?), found his way back. The Syrah grape was the first to travel the world. Like Ulysses it was born (according to our civilisation and mythology) in the east, in Georgia, and then travelled everywhere and leaving its mark, first in France and then gradually throughout the rest of the world… And wherever it goes it enriches and is itself enriched, entering into symbiosis with the cultures it meets, expressing new aromas and flavours, depending on the terroir that it finds. For me, as for Ulysses, it is the sky that guides Syrah (apparently she is female) to the places to explore. So, the elements are the night sky, with its gold and silver stars, even the Southern Cross on the left and the Big Dipper to the right… He is there on the ship with his dog, which is actually a wolf. The first wolf to have met with the sirens along with Ulysses…” Francesco Illy.
Amore&Magia. Curiosity drives us to explore. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, it is a «positive attitude in both science and intelligence». We wonder whether it isn’t, in fact, everything. We wonder if what drives our curiosity might not be better defined as an urgent attraction. You can see it in children, but also in cats: they are both attracted to the things they explore. We might say they are curious about the world, but we know that there is an underlying attraction, like a magnet, drawing them towards experience. But if we need to make use of our experience, if it is genuinely useful, than it’s vital. Therefore, we can even say that curiosity is necessary.
Podere Le Ripi is a winegrowing company in Montalcino in Tuscany that pursues criteria of excellence in production. |

Design Team
Designer Paolo Rossetti
Artists Antonio Riello (Lupi&Sirene), Simona Mulazzani (Canna Torta), Giampaolo Tomasi (Cielo d’Ulisse)
Film Director/editor Luca Uliana
Sound Track Lee Maddeford, Ouverture
3D Specialist Marco Gottardo, Luca Uliana


Other projects

May 2005