Endless youth. In front of a mirror at home or in a changing room we see that our face (not to mention the rest) changes over time, our appearance changes and at a certain point, wrinkles turn into canyons. Scientists tell us that it is a genetically programmed phenomenon and for those who are sensitive on this subject, it can stimulate a desire for effective action to postpone this biological destiny. It is an impulse that is triggered because the idea we have of desirability and well-being is associated with the period of life which is called youth, and with the sense that it is endless: so it would be a shame to lose it.
A new MyCli. For this cosmeceutical brand dedicated to anti-aging, we have overseen a total review of its visual identity system that begins with the brand, continues with the creation of new proprietary markers, colours and typographic characters, before moving on to the packaging design and finally the redesign of communication tools. The review aimed at correcting a previous image and aims to shift the needle of consumer perception from an undifferentiated cosmetic idea to a clear sense of scientific efficacy.
| MyCli is an Italian brand of Perlapelle (Unifarco Group) that offers innovative responses in the field of aesthetic medicine. |

What we did for this brand brand
Brand identity redesign
Packaging design


Design Team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Daniela Ravera
Graphic designers Paolo Rossetti, Alessandro Fontana
3D specialist Marco Gottardo

October 2018