Libraccio Genova Cairoli


An all-round identity. More than a client, Libraccio is a part of our shared existence. It’s like when you marry young, almost without realizing it, and then discover that it actually works very well.
We have been working on this brand since 2006 and our main activities include the creation, development and maintenance of its identity, naming and advertising for both its corporate and commercial initiatives. We pay special attention to the outlets where Libraccio has embarked on a redesign programme overseen by Bonessa associati and for which Rossetti Brand Design has done the signage and environmental graphics. Up to date, the sales outlets are around 32.
Libraccio began life organising second-hand book markets, using fruit boxes and crates as bookshelves, and with on stalls set up in front of the University of Milan. This method of providing used textbooks at affordable prices continued until the opening of the first store in 1979. |

What we are doing for this brand
Brand identity design
Copywriting and editing
Environmental graphic


Design Team
Designers Paolo Rossetti, Alessandro Fontana, Luca Uliana, Paola Berardelli
3D specialist Luca Uliana, Marco Gottardo
Photographer Luca Uliana

January 2014

Libraccio Genova Libraccio-Vicenza Libraccio-Genova Galla-Libraccio-Vicenza Libraccio-Romolo Libraccio Genova B