More energy. In short, here on earth our numbers are increasing. Forecasts say that we will go from 7 billion to 9 billion human in the next thirty years and that our demand for energy will increase by 35%. According to the ExxonMobile Energy Outlook, oil will remain a significant source of energy accounting for more than 30%, followed by natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, water and alternative energy sources with lower percentages. We need energy both because there are more of us, and because we need to change, to reach a level of prosperity that for many still seems far away.
It is estimated that by 2040 our global energy requirement will reach 820 quadrillion (a quadrillion is a billion billion, i.e. 1 with 24 zeros) BTU (British Thermal Units – 1 BTU equals 252 calories). Meanwhile, each of us needs between 2,000/2,300 kilocalories for day to function. If the calculations are right, in 24 hours each of us consumes the equivalent of a 100 watt light bulb. But is that enough for us to shine? If we look at the consumption of energy drinks around the world, it would seem not. In fact, we drink about 5 billion litres (not bad as a “help” …) and the forecast is that consumption will soar. We need more energy to illuminate our way, to do what we want, to dream.
Matter and thought. Ironik is a new energy drink. Our brand identity project stems from a name that has two meanings. One is iron (steel) that relates to the physical dimension, energy. The other is ironic that relates to the scale of thinking (the lateral type) of fun and lightness. Ironik describes an attitude, or rather, an anti-attitude compared with its cousins who promise brute force or super-heroism, that’s the difference. The sign that distinguishes the packaging design is a K, the final letter (final, not initial) of Ironik. The style of the letter is inspired by pop art, a scratch, half an asterisk, half a star, the black of night on gold, and mimosa yellow on the darkest blue. Paolo Rossetti
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Design Team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Federica Perotta
Designer Luca Uliana
Naming Linda Liguori
Copywriter Paolo Rossetti
Visual effects Luca Uliana
3D Specialist Marco Gottardo

September 2015