Investire sgr

Evoking meanings. Graphic design almost always involves abstraction, in other words the thing that triggers figurative associations. For example, a circle seems like a ball, a rectangle looks like a door, a triangle recalls an Egyptian pyramid, and so on. But it gets more interesting when the associations are different, and other meanings are attributed to a single sign. If a sign can evoke multiple meanings at the same time, this increases its expressive potential.
Scalene triangles. The new symbol for Investire is the result of a metamorphosis of the letter ‘i’ in which it becomes two roads that cross, a lighthouse, a tie, a propeller, a spatial concept, an architectural element, a crooked hourglass… and all this thanks to two scalene triangles with two vertices converge towards one another. This transformation is part of the brand identity project for Investire that aimed at creating a new visual identity by means of a marked simplification. In fact, the original Investire Immobiliare SGR, was reduced to just one word Investire with a colour emphasis on ending ‘re’ (real estate) to indicate the company’s real estate vocation.
| Investire SGR is one of Italy’s leading operators in the promotion and management of real estate investment trust funds. |

Design Team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Federica Perotta
Designer Paolo Rossetti, Carlo Bonfanti, Alessandro Fontana
Animation specialist Marco Gottardo

June 2015