Harmonia sun

Belonging. In a jungle (a real one) the first thing is not so much being different from the others who share the same habitat. What is most important is belonging, sharing a similar destiny with others in that particular corner of the world, having the same biome, the same needs, and representing happiness for some (for example when they eat you) and unhappiness for others (when you are the one to consume your neighbour). Belonging, because, the place that is most congenial to you, despite everything, you find and express the sense of your being, you are made for this place, you are at home, it is your becoming.
The biological complexity that we call a jungle is at once intricate, insidious, chaotic, impenetrable and risky, as well as rich, varied, complex, changing and vital. It’s not unlike the incredible quantity of brands (often identical) that we face when we think of goods and products and that, in fact constitute another jungle, less natural, but equally entangled. How many brands make shoes? How many produce face creams? Jams? But one thing is reassuring: if in this panorama, brands are similar according to type, orientation is easier. This makes it easy to find your way, it becomes easier to identify group X (shoes) as different from groups Y (sun screen) and Z (jams) and so on. Belonging to that forest, and its ways, is above all, even before demonstrating difference, that comes immediately after, but making the difference. If the approach is more or less the same, it is, by default, just a jungle.
In the panorama of brands Harmonia is a cosmetics brand for which we have designed packaging for those who love to lie in the sun. As we said before, it is relatively easy to see that, in this case, Harmonia falls into group Y (you decide…) and therefore exists alongside many other sun screen products where the difference between one cream and another are meaningful for that little piece of jungle. We went for a reference colour, a solid design and simple language: in this way the proposal made by Solare di Harmonia will take its first steps in the panorama of brands and attempt to elicit our curiosity and, hopefully, our desire.
| Harmonia is a Max Pier, brand, a point of reference in the professional cosmetics sector. Max Pier offers phyto-cosmetic treatments to encourage the re-balancing and vitality of the body. |

What we did for this brand
Graphic design
Packaging design


Design Team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Daniela Ravera
Graphic and Packaging designer Paola Berardelli

May 2019