From here to there

If our perception of ourselves and the world remained immutable, we would not need to change the way we do things of doing or what we use. Jump back just a couple of centuries ago and people were running around in carriages. Horses pulled contraptions made of wood and metal with two wheels, transporting a man from here to there. If this is the requirement: i.e. transportation, the buggy is a fine solution, no need for anything else. Why change?
But the man who goes from here to there dreams of being more comfortable, even warm when it’s cold, of travelling faster, listening to his favourite song, no longer having to take care of the horse, of being safer…
So, dreaming, the man who goes from here to there goes beyond the idea of the carriage. Adieu, barouche! In its place he senses something else, something that would still get you around, but differently. He can do this because the man who goes from here to there is now different, his new perception has led to an irreversible change, not only in himself but also of all those who, like him, want to go from here to there.


September 2012