The signalling function. There are two main functions of packaging design. The first is signalling, in other words informing the viewer. This sort of information reassures the potential buyer about their choice: if a box carries an image of a biscuit and a description of how good and healthy the biscuits are, it is difficult for us to imagine that inside the box we would find a pressure cooker or bird seeds.
The evocative function. The second function is evocative. Which means a representation of the precise biscuit-ness of the biscuit and, as a consequence, the idea that the package contains the planet’s most irresistible biscuits. The evocative function is not the exclusive preserve of a photograph or drawing: rather, it is a combination of expressive elements (colour, fonts, materials and effects, but also tone of voice, including bumph), that make up the specific narrative for a specific medium.
Visually appetising. . Artica is a brand of ready-made frozen meals. Our restyling starts from a review of the logo before reconfiguring a completely new packaging design system. It is an example of how crucial the evocative function is in representing frozen food as all of the attention is on the evocation, first of all visual, of a tasty dish, long before it reaches the table.
| Gea Industrie Alimentari makes products for the industrial sector and has a wide range of ready-meals. |

What we did for this brand brand
Identity redesign
Packaging restyling
New references design extension


Design team
Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project manager Daniela Ravera, Davide Rossetti
Head of design/Packaging designer Luca Uliana
Graphic designer Carlo Bonfanti, Alessandro Fontana
Still life photographer Luca Colombo – Studio XL
3D specialist Marco Gottardo, Luca Uliana

March 2018

Artica Logo 01 Artica Pesce 03 Artica Carne 01 Artica Pizza 01