Podere le ripi logo

“Creating an identity system for the Podere le Ripi brand through a label design that achieves a consistent and recognisable image of the company’s wines.” - Rossetti Brand Design

Podere Le Ripi

An identifiable shape. For Podere Le Ripi we designed the labels for Canna Torta, Cielo d’Ulisse, Amore&Magia, Lupi&Sirene and Bonsai. The project was based on a T-shaped label, with the horizontal space featuring an image or story, while the lower area carries the name of and information about the wine. The T-shaped label is consequently an identifying element of the image of Podere Le Ripi.

| Podere Le Ripi is a winemaking company in Montalcino in Tuscany known for its pursuit of excellence in production. |

What we did for this brand

Brand identity design
Label design



2020 | Bronze A’Design Award winner in packaging Design Category

Podere le pipi label and packaging design