Horizon, Breathe, Freedom, Everyone, We can do it. These are our words for 2022 – Rossetti Brand Design

Words for 2022

Horizon. That seemingly endless space into which we can stare where the sky seems to touch the earth or the sea. When we lose sight of the horizon, we lose our sense of direction, but when it is clearly visible, it is an inspiration. Especially when we can dream. Just to look at it is to breathe.

Breathe. The mechanical phenomenon that refreshes the air in our lungs. A physiological process that exchanges carbon dioxide with oxygen through the extraordinary surface of our pulmonary alveolus: which, in humans, is estimated to cover an area equal to an apartment of between 60 and 90 square meters. Like all aerobic beings, we breathe air to live, including the air of freedom.

Freedom. A broad and abstract concept with significant practical implications but with elusive borders. From a legal point of view “signifying, in principle, the right of each individual to act or change without constraint”. Therefore, a personal concept that confronts and often clashes with the freedom of others and with the aforementioned “principle”, a distinction that should however meet with the agreement of everyone.

Everyone. We are one, but we are not the same. Moreover, we are many. And, as always, it is easy for us to be one against the other: all it takes is an idea, an ideal, a flag, a team or a virus, and the game is on. But what if we tried to turn down the volume in our one against the other? And perhaps listen for some new sounds? Can we do this?

We can do it. So said Frederick, the famous university professor and grandson of Victor von Frankenstein. Do you remember? In the cult film Frankenstein Junior, Frederick rejects his grandfather’s visionary ideas but chaecking his notes he changes his mind and gives life to the “Creature”. Unfortunately, the experiment does not go well: confirming the unpredictability of the results despite the certainty of the assumptions. In short, something goes wrong, just like in everyday life, for everyone. Does that not sound familiar?