Ironik is supersonic

“Establishing the visual identity for the Ironik brand, from the name right up to the packaging design, as well as its essential means of communication positioning the brand through the name as the driver of differentiation from its competitors.” - Rossetti Brand Design


Matter and thought. Ironik is a new energy drink. Our brand identity project stems from a name that has two meanings. One is iron (steel) that relates to the physical dimension, energy. The other is ironic that relates to the scale of thinking (the lateral type) of fun and lightness. Ironik describes an attitude, or rather, an anti-attitude compared with its cousins who promise brute force or super-heroism, that’s the difference. The sign that distinguishes the packaging design is a K, the final letter (final, not initial) of Ironik. The style of the letter is inspired by pop art, a scratch, half an asterisk, half a star, the black of night on gold, and mimosa yellow on the darkest blue.

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What we did for this brand

Brand design identity
Packaging design

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