ibs logo cover

“Redesigning the visual identity of the ibs.it brand for a new and functional perception on both digital and traditional channels.” - Rossetti Brand Design


Two critical points. Our task was to redesign ibs.it while maintaining the structural elements of the logo. There were two weak points in the original version: the doubling effect of the dark red shadow, which was hard to read on a sign, and the overly invasive feel of dot-it suffix in the overall economy of the logo. The new version introduced a new balance and, we feel, deals with the two initial weak points. The review also reduced to two the brand colours and introduced a more formal feel by cutting of the lower curved part of the lower case letters “b” and “s”.

ibs.it is Italy’s widest online range of books and audiovisual products. |

What we did for this brand

Brand identity design
Environmental graphics