“Defining the new visual identity of through a distinctive symbol able to be a protagonist in the digital channel in which the brand operates.” - Rossetti Brand Design

An idea of home. Weather vanes are ancient objects that for centuries have been placed on the roofs of churches, palaces and houses. They still fire our imagination and suggest the idea of home. For example, what is thought to be the world’s oldest weather vane is the Ramperto cock which was made around 1,200 years ago: in our minds, our attachment to such objects is strong, at least for us Europeans. But the question is this: if we talk about a weather vane, what form comes to mind? We would say the “cock” and so, for the design of, we were inspired by this familiar farmyard bird.

Memory and meaning. Like all anemoscopes, a weather vane shows the direction of the wind direction usually with an arrow. Consequently, we wanted to visually combine the representation of the cock with the word “where” (or rather the Italian dove, which is the name of the brand) to suggest the idea of the direction and place where you might find a home. So, in short, the overlapping of the memory of a symbol with the meaning of a word, we defined the new visual identity of a real estate brand. is an online real estate sales service that facilitates home sales in a way that is also economic and technological. |

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