Cannamela Liofilizzati

“Redefining the packaging design for the Cannamela brand for its range of spices by designing unique expressive systems that are different from each other.” - Rossetti Brand Design


From A to S. A perfect example of a design system. What we mean by system is a combination of interconnected elements that behave as one, in line with its intrinsic rules. The not insignificant advantage of this is that the common characteristics are enhanced by the individual elements while any variations underscore the system itself. In this case, the rhythm, or repetition, of the common characteristics dominated by the system, creates a sequence, an episodic narrative. Here it is our vegetable tale that goes from anis to saffron. Enjoy!

| Cannamela With annual sales of more than 26 million packets, Cannamela is the brand leader in the herbs and spices sector: the best known, the most widely distributed and the most sold in Italy |

What we did for this brand

Naming (Insalata mia amata)
Identity brand design
Packaging design
Packaging redesign

Cannamela spezie linea base
Cannamela insalata mia amata packaging
Cannamela spezie linea top