Rossetti Brand Design

We are an Italian company dedicated to brand design. We make projects to help brands to become objects of desire.

Who we are. Rossetti Brand Design was founded in 2001 and has always focused on visual identity. Over the years we have worked with both established and lesser-known brands, for whom we have overseen significant projects. And this is what we continue to do, for both Italian brands, and foreign brands operating in Italy, concentrating on the evolution of the national market. We are independent and not international. Our office is in Milan and continues to be run by the founders, Davide and Paolo Rossetti.


What we do. We develop projects to help brands become objects of desire. To make a brand more desirable we work on a combination of words, indicators and images: in other words, we work on the language of the brand, which is its style and the expression of its identity.


We don’t do it all. Our areas of specific competence, our strong suits, are:
Package design and restyling
Identity design and restyling
Environmental graphics


Our approach. Just as brands have a style, we have ours: a mix of elegance and extravagance. As this site shows, or projects are simple and never attempt to compromise the style of the brand we’re working on.


Why choose us. We are driven by a Milanese spirit, which is what makes us concrete and down-to-earth and means we enjoy working to achieve results that work. A sense of beauty inspires our aesthetic approach and we think that ideas are the basis of any project.


What you can expect from us. We are open and friendly, we have a capacity for strategic thinking, creative innovation, together with the highest level of technical expertise and long experience. In our relationship with clients we never abandon our critical faculties, which is an essential part of the partnership.


What we are not. We are not a web agency.


With regard to package design. If you look at our site, you might think there is a lot there, And, it’s true, we do a lot, particularly in the food and cosmetics sectors which are currently our specialisation. We believe that packaging design is an essential reflection of a brand’s visual identity.


Talking about bids. We’re not big fans (especially of those that are not remunerated) but we are available to participate and assess bid proposals. This is our point of view.


If you would like to get to know us personally, give us a call. We’re here.
Davide Rossetti


Born in 1963. Founding partner and managing director of Rossetti Brand Design. In 1988 he set up Extra, a packaging design e brand identity company. From 1995 to 2000 he worked for the international agency Minale Tattersfield Strategy Group.

Paolo Rossetti


Born in 1960, a founding partner of Rossetti Brand Design, creative director and designer. In 1983 he co-founded the Testa Pella Rossetti advertising agency. From 1990 he was a partner and co-creative director at the Milan office of the Bozell ad agency. In 1996 set up Enterprise, a design company.

Barbara La Pietra


She as been with Rossetti Brand Design since the beginning. She is responsible for coordinating administration and general secretarial work.

Daniela Ravera


With a degree in foreign languages and literature, and a specialisation in communication, she has worked with Publilink and Cb’a where she gained international experience. Since 2009 she has been an account manager at Rossetti Brand Design.

Luca Adorini


Graduated in Communication with Master in Marketing and Business Communication, he has collaborated with RBA Design to reach Rossetti Brand Design in 2017.

Carlo Bonfanti


Senior designer holds a Maestro d’arte diploma from the Istituto Statale d’Arte in Monza. He has been working for Rossetti Brand Design for just 25 years. He works mainly on institutional and product visual identity.

Luca Uliana


Graduated from the NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), he worked for RBA before joining Rossetti Brand Design in 2011. His principal focus is on design, photography and three-dimensional simulation.

Paola Berardelli


Graduated in Visual Communication Design. She collaborated with TheWORLDofDOT and Qreactive to get to Rossetti Brand Design in 2018. She deals with corporate identity and packaging design.

Chiara Verderio


Graduated in Visual Communication Design. She collaborated with Cb'a and Break to get to Rossetti Brand Design in 2019. She deals with packaging design.

Marco Gottardo


3D graphic designer holds a computer information technology diploma. He is a lecturer in 3d digital modeling and joined Rossetti Brand Design in 2014 working mainly on modeling, texturing, animation and rendering.

Silvia Biondo


Senior graphic developer with a technical background and training, she has worked for Rossetti Brand Design for 23 years. She handles the finalisation of creative projects and has specific skills in pre-press and printing.

Alberto Santolini


Senior graphic developer with a technical background and training, he has worked for Rossetti Brand Design for 12 years. He handles the finalisation of creative projects and has specific skills in pre-press and printing and is also involved in technology.

Samantha Maffei


A technically qualified graphic and interior designer, she has worked with a number of architectural and design studios. She has been a graphic developer at Rossetti Brand Design since 2016 and is mainly involved in the finalisation of creative projects.

The brands you see below are part of our history, but we too of them.


Food and Beverages
Acqua Panna, Alco, Amici (CH), Angelo Parodi, Bauli, Belté, Bertarello, Bonomelli, Buitoni, Cannamela, Catarì, Chiarella, Cuore, Fattorie Osella, Fitness,, Galbusera, Gelati Motta, Grandi Salumifici Italiani, Icam, Illycaffè, Ironik, Latini, Levissima, Manzotin, Molino Favero, Nescafè, Nesquik, Nestlé Mio, Nestlé Professional, Orzobimbo, Palmera, Pastaio Maffei, Perugina, Pesoforma, Polli, Polenta Valsugana, Recoaro, Rio Mare, Ritz, S.Pellegrino, Sanpellegrino, Chinò, Saupiquet, Skipper, Sinproten, Surgiva, Tenuta Venterra, Tuc, Zuegg.


Wine and Spirits
Amaro Montenegro, Heineken, Podere Le Ripi, La Raia, Vecchia Romagna.


Care and well-being
Citrosil, Johnson&Johnson, Just Italia, Lines, Manetti&Roberts, Max Pier, MyCli, Somatoline, Viviverde.


Pet Food
Farmix, Hendrix.


Household goods
Fragranteria, FrancisFrancis!, Livellara, Robots.


Business and services
Automobile Club d’Italia, Academy – LSE, Banca Lombarda, Banco Popolare, BM Plastic, Brumbrum, CityLife, Enel,, Fastbook,, Inaz, Investire, La Piattaforma dell’edilizia, Libraccio, Malerba, Opportunity, Poste Italiane,, Regione Toscana, Telecom Italia, Value Partners, Welcometravel, Wind Telecomunicazioni, Worknet.


Proudly italians
Bianchi bicycle, Lunelli group.


Private labels
Selex gc, Coop Italia.
2016 | Bellavita London Awards, Tenuta Venterra, miglior packaging design e 3 stelle Bellavita
2016 | Mediastars XX edizione, 1° premio packaging design, Coop Fallo protetto!, Private Label non food
2016 | A’ Design Award, Silver winner, Coop Fallo protetto!, packaging design category
2016 | 21° Gran Prix Brand Identity, Coop Fallo Protetto!, 1° premio Naming
2013 | Anuga Awards 2013, Tenuta Venterra, miglior packaging per prodotto internazionale
2013 | BiolPack XVIII edizione, Tenuta Venterra, secondo posto ex aequo miglior packaging
2012 | Brand Identity GrandPrix 2012, Selex GC, 1° Premio Packaging Private Label
2012 | Brand Identity GrandPrix 2012, Tenuta Venterra, 1° Premio Packaging Alimentari
2011 | Pentawards, Bronze Award, Acqua Panna/S.Pellegrino, packaging design
2010 | Grand Prix Brand Identity, Packaging Anniversary, Acqua Panna/S.Pellegrino
2010 | Mediastar XIV edizione,, Special Star Corporate, logo design
2010 | Mediastar XIV, Special Star Corporate, Acqua Panna/S.Pellegrino, 50th Best Restaurant
2009 | Gran Prix, I Premi delle Forme Vetro, Acqua Panna/S.Pellegrino, 50th Best Restaurant
2007 | Gran Premio Marketing Innovazione, Sanpellegrino L’Aranciata
2007 | Gran Premio Marketing Innovazione, Manzotin
2007 | Grand Prix Brand Identity, Dual Branding Acqua Panna/S.Pellegrino, System Identity
2007 | Grand Prix Packaging, Ricariche Coop, Cosmesi
2006 | Premio Mediastars, Aranciate Sanpellegrino, packaging design
2006 | Grand Prix Brand Identity, Sanpellegrino Chinò, packaging design