AB cover pack

“Reconfiguring the identifying elements of the AB brand, starting from the name and the overall design, gives the offer the standing of an authentic skincare line in the large-scale retail segment.” - Rossetti Brand Design


Extra touch of beauty. “If the product is the same, you might as well improve the packaging. In this way we add an extra touch of beauty…”. This declaration by one of our clients is enough to realise how important restyling activities are in establishing more affectionate relationships with so-called consumers (in other words, us…).

Change is necessary. A redesign is not a one-off activity, because it is closely connected to time and the speed of our perceptions: the more in line it is with change, the shorter the time and more necessary the update. AB is a case in point. Should there be any doubt that change is necessary, you’ll find some answers here.

AB is a complete body care line distributed at the Selex Commercial Group stores |

What we did for this brand

Brand identity redesign
Packaging design


Design team

Creative director Paolo Rossetti
Project managers Luca Adorini, Davide Rossetti
Head of design Carlo Bonfanti
Packaging designers Carlo Bonfanti, Luca Uliana
Graphic designer Alessandro Fontana
3D specialist Marco Gottardo, Luca Uliana



AB prima dopo
AB solari package
AB Bio package