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What we did for this brand

Coffee menu design

“Creating an edition for the Illy brand able to present its offer of tastings while remaining consistent with the brand’s general identity.” - Rossetti Brand Design

A world of coffee

A what? This is one of those projects that you least expect it and when its lands on your desk you can hardly believe it: a menu. A what? The list of food and drinks in a restaurant. In this case, the choice of possible combinations that can be made with a coffee, and the brand is illy. 60 recipes divided by season, by the origin of the beans, by the alcohol content and the intensity of pleasure. The menu may seem like a straightforward list that ends with the price but it is, in fact, one of the most fascinating ways to talk about a brand: so intriguing as to render meaningless the much sought-after storytelling that so many seek and so few find.

A little book.This is how a small book emerged, entitled A world of coffee, a story full of descriptions and images that can be found in illy stores. The general approach is editorial, so little is left of the idea of making a menu. What remains is the pleasure of leafing through the pages, discovering something you did not know before, and choosing, for example, a double coffee to rediscover a good morning, after a night that went the way it went, or a milky-coffee that recalls childhood memories of biscuits.

illy is an international brand appreciated all over the world for its high quality and the unmistakable velvety taste of its coffee, an incomparable blend of nine types of pure Arabica.|