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Food preservation is an ancient problem. Over millennia man has used salt, smoke, oil, fire and ice… But it seems that it was Nicolas Appert, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, who discovered the trick: glass jars immersed in boiling water. This eliminates bacteria and the preservation of food becomes the conservation of a species: ours. So, if when you get home this evening this is what you find:
1) no one has prepared anything;
2) the fridge is an alarming desert;
3) you are absolutely starving;
4) you have a jar of tomato sauce in a remote corner of the larder;
5) you have the remains of a packet of pasta just waiting for a pan of boiling water…
…well, you can activate plan “AlsoThisEveningWeEat” and prepare Penne alla Appert, i.e. pasta with tomato preserve, and remind yourself that tomorrow is a good day to do some shopping.
Paolo Rossetti


October 2016